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Dating 1ö1

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Modern dating issues exposed.

We all know dating in today's modern, mostly online, environment is, well, just awful.

“One out of one husbands will kill their wives.”

We all know the most common grievances with online dating: they are older than they said, fatter than they said, they are actually married, they are not employed, they live with their mom.

Here are some of the most common issues that daters are beginning to face.

Dimensional Shifts

You choose the Bütter Bar. They choose the Bütter Bar. It's kismet. Except... They meant the 2nd dimension, and there you are waiting in the 6th. Dimensional problems have been on the rise since most dating apps still fail to make adjustments for dimensional shifts.

One Out of One Husbands Kill their Wives

We all have seen an episode of an investigation show. Who did it? Who killed her? It is always the husband, boyfriend or guy that knew her. Always.

The Undead and the Dead

Dating the living can be a nightmare, but don't think your love life is going to get easier by conjuring a spirit or raising the dead.

Future You

Many of us have not yet met our future self, so we are not sure what to expect when they finally show up one day.

You have to leave your house

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Why are all single men over 34 unsuccessful musicians? Don't we have a cure for this yet?

Everyone good looking will never date you


You have to leave your house

Netflix, couch, PJs, a glass of wine..

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